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Looks so familiar....but been gone so long...

What happened to LJ? I leave for (how long did it say?) 34 weeks and it looks so different. It's changed. I never come on here. I don't know why. But Alicia and I were talking about it the other day and I thought, hey, I should go there. And as you see here I am.

What's up with all you ladies?! I'm like anti-social anymore. I don't know what happened. Oh right, I had a stupid boyfriend, who wouldn't let me do anything. That's right. But that was 6 months down the drain. lol.

So, does everyone know what happens next Tuesday? Pretty much the two best shows on television return.....Bones and House. **Sigh** It's been a long summer.

And what happens October 6th? Right!! I'm to see Hanson in St. Louis. Oh, how I have missed the boys. There's been 2 marriages and 3 babies since I saw them last.

Anyway, I am alive. Just thought someone might care. **Shrugs**
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