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17 March
Hey, I'm Erin. I'm 19. Dude, I was like 16 when I first signed up for LJ. Girls, I'm getting old. Anywho, I think my LJ Trading Card pretty much says it all. If there's anything else you need, let me know.


Oh!! Oh!! And from tonight on, I am to eat Alicia's share of pie, rice cakes, Almond Joys, Mounds, and her peas!! And I am to drink her grape flavored Kool-aid. lol.

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Date Created:03-31-03
Number of Posts: 436

Friendly, when I want to be. Pretty cool girl, if I do say so myself, lol. Funny as hell at times, and I do know that for a fact. I'm a little too conceited most of the time, even if I act like I'm not. 18 year-old with plans of having a wonderful husband and a house-full of beautiful heathen children, lol.
Strengths: Bound to say at least one thing, intentionally or by accident, that will really amuse someone. I can usually cheer someone up when they're down. Knowing the words to nearly every song ever made. Getting along with generally my entire family at all times.
Weaknesses: Secret-keeping, I'm usually horrible at it. Soda, *NSYNC boys, American Idol ANYTHING, music...a good pop song, food, tv....and picking fights...I am so bad about that.
Special Skills: Rapping, I'm a little white girl, who can rap like nobody's business. I know the words to nearly every song known to man. I can quote nearly every movie known to man. I tend to know anything and everything about my favorite celebrities. Making my friends laugh when they don't want to. And dancing, oh God, can I dance!!
Weapons: My humungous boobs, although I would give them up in a heartbeat for a flat chest, lol. My farting and burping abilities, which can be very deadly.
Pet Peeves: My pet peeves are people trying to wake me up, that'll make me angry everytime. And umm....people who make a lot of noise when they eat, how annoying is that? Freshmen, I was just thinking about that yesterday. Oh!! And punk music, punks and just punk!! I hate it!!

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